Spotlight: RealTalk with Ms. Kremheild Real, REB

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H: Welcome to Spotlight, Kremheild Real! Can I call you Krem? How’s it going?
K: Sure, no worries! I’m doing great! Thank you for having me here.

H: You’re a licensed Real Estate Broker. What does it mean to be one, and what services can you provide that regular sales persons or agents cannot?
A Real Estate Broker is someone those who has passed their Real Estate licensure exam and is licensed and registered under the Professional Regulation Commission and the other government regulatory body such as the HLURB (Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board).

Each Broker is entitled to have 20 registered sales agents/persons under them and can own or form their own real estate firm or realty. In terms of services, according to the RESA Law, the real estate agent or sales person are those who perform real estate related services such as selling for example, under the supervision and accountability of the Real Estate Broker. According to the law, agents or sales persons are not directly entitled to receive or demand a fee/commission, other that the Licensed Real Estate Broker who has direct control over the agents or sales persons. I’m not quite sure though if everyone is aware of the provisions of that law.

H: What can you say about the state of the country’s real estate industry? Is there a boom? Is there a bubble?
There is definitely a boom that has been on going now for the past several years in the country. Some have been speculating for years now that there would be a bubble in especially in the Metro Manila or NCR region but based on the many ongoing or future developments of major developers and key players in the industry, they are still aggressive if not positive in their outlook. The real estate boom is more clearly evident in other regions and key cities in the country such as in Cebu, Davao, Ilo-ilo and Palawan as the economies of these cities progresses and evovles.

H: Would you say the same about Cebu? 
Yes definitely in Cebu there is a real estate boom. When you drive around the city, you will notice a lot of construction activities,new buildings and developments. Not only in Metro Cebu, but as well as neighboring towns and even further down south.

H: How long have you been in the industry? 
Well I have gotten my Real Estate Broker License way back 2007 when it was still the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) who was regulating the Real Estate Brokers. I did not really start practicing being a Broker until 2011.

H: What’s your most favorite thing about it? 
My favorite thing about this industry is that you are always constantly learning about a lot of things not just about transactions related to real estate. The industry keeps on growing and evolving especially here in Cebu and in the Philippines in general as the market matures and grows.

H: How about your least favorite thing in your industry? 
One of my least favorite thing about the industry is dealing with unscrupulous people. I don’t need to expound on that. Hahaha!

H: What aspect of your profession do you wish people knew more or understood more of? 
That being a Real Estate Broker is not just ordinary “selling” or “marketing” a certain product that some people can just push with certain key words or gloss over with words like investment and rate of returns of investment to a certain percentage. 

You actually need to be knowledgeable about a lot of things. You just do not mediate between the buyer and seller but be aware of all the nuances that can be related to closing the sale. This includes understanding your buyer’s capacity to pay, knowing the different options for financing or how to help your buyers be qualified for a housing or real estate loan, that you’re updated with the real estate market values and zonal values, the taxation rules and regulations related to real estate weather it maybe be selling a property or buying and or inheriting, knowing the differences of how an individual buyer/seller and if it’s a corporation or company

H: How do you help your clients choose which type of real estate to invest in? 
I always get to know my clients and assess which property that would best fit them based on either their lifestyle or budget. I always ask what is their purpose in purchasing the property, what kind of lifestyle they have or aspire to especially for those who are first time home or condo unit buyers. Introducing my clients to a reputable developer for projects especially for those clients who are first time buyers is really important to me since it really matters in the long run that there is after sales service beyond the unit turn over. 

H: You’re a very busy woman! Tell me your secrets in de-stressing and staying cool and graceful under pressure. 
I’m lucky to have a great support system here in Cebu. That I have friends who are one call away to just hang out or even rant to over a good meal or drink. I also book months in advance my holidays to keep me motivated and serve as a reminder to myself that whatever is stressing me out is good thing especially when its income generating stress. 
Having a Booking ahead for a holiday also keeps me motivated on bad or lazy days

H: Where can we get in touch with you if we have more questions about real estate? 
I’m an email away at

H: Thank you and have a fantastic day as always! ☺