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Hazel L. Helmuth is a driven trial lawyer with a strong background in corporate and civil law.


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I grew up surrounded by the forces of powerful women. From my mother, my grandmothers, my aunts, my cousins, my teachers, the activist nuns from where I attended grade school (St. Scholastica’s College), the all female faculty where I attended high school (St. Theresa’s College – Cebu), my sorority sisters in college, female Presidents, and […]

Right to Informational Privacy: The Landmark Case of Vivares vs. St. Theresa’s College (STC) Vivares vs. STC, decided by the Supreme Court on Sept. 29, 2014, remains to be the authoritative matter on online social media posts, privacy settings, and the greater policy and basis for the writ of habeas data and the right to […]

Just recently, a local actress drew flak for commenting on a public official’s wife’s post, calling it out for being “insensitive” in view of the current pandemic. I tried to see it in the local actress’ point of view, who may have a point but didn’t know how to eloquently say it. Maybe what she […]

Times of calamity, unrest, and pandemic truly test the people’s patience with their elective officials most especially. A scroll on your Facebook page illustrates this point emphatically: Governor vs doctors and doctors vs Governor on ways to prevent Covid-19, the Mayor and the missing chickens (that was quite funny), the participation of businessmen in political […]

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